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We are now realizing the negative impacts that we have made on our environment, concerning our waste.

We, at JUILL BIOLOGICALS, now make it possible for You, the consumer, to use safe, environmentally friendly, organic, biological products throughout your home, much the way Mother Nature herself bioremediates, naturally, organically and biologically.

We identify and group certain strains and types of bacteria, that actually clean and eliminate waste by digesting matter, without the use of dangerous, poisonous, caustics, environmentally harmfull acids, solvents, detergents, phosphates or chemicals.

The microbes contained in our products are all classified by the American Type Culture Collection as Class 1 Organisms, which are naturally occurring in nature, non-pathogenic and non-opportunistic so they cannot cause desease in a compromised host. In Other Words; OUR PRODUCTS ARE SAFE FOR HUMANS, PETS AND OTHER CRITTERS.

Each of our "cutting Edge" products contains a highly concentraited, specially selected group of live enzyme producing aerobic and or anaerobic, naturally occurring, non-pathogenic microbes.

The live microbes in our products are suspended in liquid, containing a small amount of isopropyl alcohol, thereby keeping them dormant. At the moment that you apply them, they emmediately become alive and begin to voraciouslly eat the particular matter that they were specifically chosen for.

These bacteria, then begin to reproduce, therefore digesting and reproducing, (A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY) Until the waste matter no longer exists.

Whats left of the bacteria, are trace amounts of water and harmless carbon dioxide gas.


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