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SEPTOBAC Biological Septic Tank and Portable Toilet Digestant

Product Properties: SEPTOBAC is a biological non-toxic formulation for the cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks, cesspools, drainfields, and drain lines. It will leave tanks and drain lines free of obnoxious odors.

Product uses: (Residential Septic Systems) Residential septic systems normally consist of a septic tank and a related drainage or percolation system which may be either a field or a cesspool. When operating properly, the major portion of organic waste settles out in the form of sludge and floats to the top, where it is digested by bacteria. The liquid portion (in the middle) will flow into the drainage area.

When grease and sewer scum are not properly digested,and continue to accumulate in the septic tank, it eventually flows out into the drainage or percolation area. This causes serious trouble. Clogging and sealing can occur, sometimes requiring the development of a whole new drainage facility at tremendous cost.(Not to mention the terrible polluting effects this produces).

With regular use of SEPTOBAC in residential septic systems, one gets a more complete digestion of the organic matter that enters the septic tank. Operation of the septic system is improved.

SEPTOBAC delivers multiple results: It controls maladors, digests fat and fecal waste and maintains control of these items because it is a live bacterial composition that reproduces itself.