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"In Partnership With Nature"

JUILL BIOLOGICALS CO. INC. was founded by Julian J. Jaramillo, a man dedicated to making important changes within his environment by utilizing experience and knowledge, and by committing his own personal experiences to what he believes important.

An education as a health physicist and a lengthy career in the "corporate world", Julian feels he has finally achieved his place in doing what is real and important.

Working as a manager and scientist in the private and governmental sectors, including a stint working with radioactive and carcinogenic materials, Julian began to feel concious about his personal responsibilities and accomplishments.

After a chance meeting with Dr. Andre Knoll, who has an extensive background in biology, entomology, chemistry, etc. a great friendship flourished, and fantastic ideas were formed.

Julian worked with Dr. Knoll and Knoll Bioproducts Co. Inc. briefly and with Andre's help, formed his own company, JUILL BIOLOGICALS. Andre is still Julian's main supplier of microbes, and they work hand in hand on a daily basis, finding ways to make things better. Andre and KNOLL BIOPRODUCTS search the world, networking with the most prominant of scientists for the best types and strains of bacteria according to the applications. Julian, and JUILL BIOLOGICALS find the markets, whether it be industrial clean-up, treating restaurant grease traps, sewage treatment facilities, or... building this web page.

Why? We feel that is important to we make certain positive changes, it is time, we all make amends.

Naturally of course, Inexpensively Yeah!!

As simple as it is, Julian's best analogy, in certain terms is, (P. C. Correct), "When the the bear does "it" in the woods, it naturally attracts certain parasites, particularly bacteria, "IT" again becomes earth, organically, naturally".

A sewage treatment plant or septic system doesn't work without bacteria. YOU CAN'T MAKE CHEESE, YOGURT OR WINE WITHOUT THEM. Are they safe??? We all have an average of four to five pounds in our biological systems, otherwise we couldn't assimulate or digest food. We couldn't live without them.

How simple can it all be? We are now realizing the negative impact that we have made on our planet. It is now time to remediate the environmental problems we have created.

JUILL BIOLOGICALS was created to make a difference, by making available to you, environmental, organic, natural, biological products to use in your home that are safe for you and your family. Our products are safer, cleaner, healthier and cheaper than chemicals, toxins, phosphates and polluting poisons.

Utilizing certain strains and types of bacteria, aerobic and anerobic, in concentrated form, a "cocktail" is formulated. Upon application, and given the proper environment and nutrients, the bacteria thrive, digest and multiply, continueing to digest... naturally, as Mother Nature intended.

...Lets not forget the Exxon Oil Valdez spill, and all the other numerous bioremediation successes.

When will bacteria be used for health reasons, and is it really safe? "We all like a good glass of wine... now and then".

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